Product Description

Our Platinum TwinDrag™ two-speed reels are simply the finest built and most rigorously tested offshore reels available to serious big-game fishermen. Designed to be light weight yet extremely durable, they offer unique featuresthat represent state-of-the-art technology not found in any other fishing reels. Complementing the reel’s ultra-smooth and highly efficient TwinDrag™ system is a unique, graduated alphanumeric visual reference scale that works in conjunction with the preset lever to enable precise drag range settings. That, in conjunction with the reel’s two-speed QuickShift™, which allows for an easy transition between high and low gears, gives anglers a decided advantage when fighting powerful, fast fish like big wahoo, tuna and marlin.


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Mono Line Capcity (#test/Yrd),30/350, 1301000

Braided Line Capacity(#Test/Yd):50/600, 200/1000

Max Drag (lb):

Gear Ratio:5:1, 1:1

Weight (oz):41-192

Retrieve:Right or Left
Image Name Model Number Color Price Qty
Accurate ATD Platinum TwinDrag ATD-30 Lever Drag, Silver BX2-30 Silver
Accurate ATD Platinum TwinDrag ATD-30T Topless Lever Drag, Silver ATD-30T Silver
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