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The innovative reels that started it all. Available in 300 and 400 sizes and a range of retrieve speeds.The LEXA family of baitcasters is the largest arsenal in Daiwa’s line. The LEXA 400 has an incredible 25 pound drag max, plus a full range of gear ratios, from an ultra-powerful 5.1 to 1 up through a Hyper Speed 7.1 to 1. LEXA™ ORIGINAL HIGH CAPACITY REELS FEATURE: Aluminum frame and side plate (gear side) 7 Bearing System (2CRBB, 4BB +1RB) Magforce® Cast Control Infinite Anti-Reverse Swept Handle with weight-reducing cutouts Counter balanced Power Handle on “P” Models Super-leverage 120mm handle on 400 size models A7075 Aluminum spool, super lightweight—extra strong (100 size) Extra line capacity for strong lines, powerful fish Ultimate Tournament carbon drag (UTD)

Jig Stop Shop-talk The Lexa 300 and 400 series cross the line between inshore and offshore reels. The profile and size of the reels along with their magnetic casting system make them excellent inshore casting reels for bait or swim baits. The powerful drag makes the reels usable for larger fish, inshore and offshore.
The power handle on the Lexa300HS-P or 400HS-P gives the reel just that much more power and the it has became the most popular style. Because of the popularity of the power handle on the larger reels it has become the only style of handle available on some of the 400-size reels.
Line Retrieve Per Crank (in):11.36, 37.7

Mono Line Capcity (#test/Yrd),17/245 - 20/190

Braided Line Capacity(#Test/Yd):40/240 - 55/180

Max Drag (lb):22 - 25

Gear Ratio:5.1, 6.3, 7.1:1

Weight (oz):11.3 - 16

Retrieve:Right or Left
Image Name Model Number Color Price Qty
Daiwa LEXA LEXA300HS Baitcasting Reel, Black & Silver LEXA300HS Black & Silver
Daiwa LEXA LEXA300HS-P Baitcasting Reel, Black & Silver LEXA300HS-P Black & Silver
Daiwa LEXA LEXA400HS-P Baitcasting Reel, Black & Silver LEXA400HS-P Black & Silver
Daiwa LEXA LEXA400HSL-P Baitcasting Reel, Black & Silver LEXA400HSL-P Black & Silver
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