Product Description

The GT is one of the most rugged, robust lures of its type in the world. The noise of the rattles and the tight fast action, make for an awesome trolling lure for pelagic species. Troll at 3 - 15 knots, although 7 - 9 knots is optimum for Tuna and Mackerel. Use this lure to troll your favourite spots or use it as a searching lure and cover vast tracts of ocean - quickly. Shop-talk: Coming soon!
Image Name Lure Weight Model Number Color Price Qty
Halco Giant Trembler Yellowfin 126g R15 RED TIGER
Halco Giant Trembler Orange with Black Back 126g R15 ORANGE W BLACK BACK
Halco Giant Trembler Chrome/Pink 126g R15 Chrome
Halco Giant Trembler Purple Black 126g R15 PURPLE BLACK
Halco Giant Trembler Red Tiger 126g R15 RED TIGER
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