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Manufacturer Lead Masters

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Shark Killers are effective for a wide range of sharks. The heavy head gets the lure down to where the sharks are and the tandom hook rig is ideal for hooking up a hunk of bait (mackerel, sardines, or whatever). How this odd looking lure came to be designed is a mystery, but when it comes to catching sharks, it's the real deal.

Lead Masters Shark Killers

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Picking colors for shark fishing is no more exact than when fishing for anything else. Most anglers start with colors that they have gained confidence in when using other lures. Mean Joe Green and Sable Fish (purple/black) are popular colors on the west coast, especially during low light conditions.
Mexican flag is popular with tuna fishermen on brighter days so this same color pattern is popular for shark fishing. Recently, the pink colors have been hot, with Pink Bubble Gum leading the pack.

Length: 10.5 in
Weight: 18 oz

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