Penn Squall SQL30 Star Drag

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-Stainless steel pinion gear

-Live Spindle design

-HT-100 drag system

-6 shielded stainless steel ball bearings

-Instant Anti-Reverse bearing with silent back up ratchet

The PENN Squall Star Drag is lightweight, quick on the retrieve, and extremely castable due to its revolutionary Live Spindle design. The revolutionary Live Spindle design makes the Squall one of the longest casting reels on the market. Powerful HT-100™ drag system can put the breaks on any big kingfish or yellowtail.

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Model Number SQL30
Manufacturer Penn
Line Retrieve Per Crank 40"
Mono Line Capacity 20/440, 30/300, 40/250 (# Test/yd)
Braided Line Capacity 50/625, 65/500, 80/440 (# Test/yd)
Max Drag 20 (lb)
Ball Bearings 6
Roller Bearings 1
Gear Ratio 6.0:1
Weight 18.5
Color Black & Gold

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