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The big trip that you have been saving and planning for is almost here. When you have that dream catch on the line you want equipment you can depend on. Light weight and extremely durable, Smitty's Belts have a plate for any size fish. From the 25lb. Salmon to the 2000lb Great White there's a Smitty Belt for you.
On the West Coast anglers sometimes rest the rod on the rail when fighting a big fish. This was once frowned upon by big game skippers, but it has now become a technique of its own. Hanging one leg over the rod or kneeling on the deck with the rod under the shoulder not appeal to everyone because fighting a fish this way can be very uncomfortable. For these anglers the harness is still the best method for fighting a big fish.
For private boaters the harness is still the best system. Very few private boats have the high heavy duty rails that are featured on commercial sport fishing boats.
Image Name Model Number Other Specs Price Qty
Smitty's Belts Handcrafted Rod Belt, Blue SMITTYB_RODBELT
Smitty's Belts Belly Button Rod Belt, Black SMITTYB_BELLYBUTTON
Smitty's Day Belt Small Black SMITTYB_DAYBELT_SMALL
Smitty's Day Belt Large Blue SMITTYB_ DAYBELT_ LARGE
Smitty's Long Range Belt Large, Blue SMITTYB_LONGRANGE_BELT_LARGE BLUE The description for this Smitty's belt is coming soon! Sincerely, Dave.
Smitty's Spider Harness, Ladies SMITTYB_SPIDERHARNESS_LADIES
Smitty's Spider Harness, Medium SMITTYB_SPIDERHARNESS_MEDIUM
Smitty's Spider Harness, Large SMITTYB_SPIDERHARNESS_LARGE
Smitty's Spider Harness, Xlarge SMITTYB_SPIDERHARNESS_XLARGE
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