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La Leona Fleet Trip Information

Most of the boat crews live in nearby Pueblo 'La Playa'. They were raised to be fishermen, going back several generations. They know the bottom structure of the GORDO BANKS and many other high spots, and navigate by triangulating visible mountain peaks. They are talented fishermen and you can learn a lot from them. They understand most 'fishing English' words, but will seldom converse with you in English. If you want to fish for a certain species, just tell them in English & they will do their best for you. REMEMBER, they fish every day and know where to go & what to do. They will always target the most catchable species and especially like to catch WAHOO.

big fishLUNCHES
You supply your own food & drinks. Order a hotel box lunch or buy food in town. On the Pangas use your own ice chest. The Cruisers will provide a cold box with ice.

The bait situation can change daily. Be prepared to buy bait or catch bait. Your captain will decide which bait maneuver is best.

The best way to start is simply open your tackle box to your crew & let them choose the rigging. Be sure to show them your lure selection.

Your crew automatically do everything for you. If you prefer to set the hook or do your own rigging, just tell the mate. He will understand.

The customary daily tip is $15-20 for the Panga & $30-40 for the Cruiser. Pay more or less depending on the quality of service. Pay the captain, he will determine the mate's share.

No extra charge! However, a tip is appropriate for the service at the fillet table on the beach. Take your fillets to the hotel freezer. CHECK FREEZER HOURS! Transport the frozen fillets home in your ice chest. Never add ice! Fish will easily stay frozen for the trip home.

The boats depart from PALMILLA BEACH, normally 2-3 miles from your hotel. Check with your hotel to arrange for transfers, or use a taxi or rental car. Allow plenty of time to arrive before Launch Time. If you take a Taxi, tell the driver to go to La Leona at Palmilla Beach.

 Launch TimeNormal Return Time
Panga5:00 to 5:30 AM11:30 to 12:00
Cruiser6:30 to 7:00 AM2:30 to 3:30

Bring your rods, with reels mounted & secured in a bundle. Have your line strung through the guides with swivels attached. Do not have any hooks or lures attached in transit. THEY GET TANGLED! Take all your fishing things with you... ice chest, tackle box, jacket, camera, etc.

When you return from fishing, tell your captain which fish you want & how you want them cleaned. Return to the Hotel by Taxi. Take your fillets to the Hotel freezer. Ask the Bellman for assistance.

For reservations and pricing call toll free†(800) 521-2281

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