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Troubled by being able to see the fish on the fish finder but can't get them to bite? Looking for an exciting new way to catch more fish?

The Shimano Butterfly Jigging System could be the answer to your fishing woes. Developed in Japan in the early 1990's to catch Bluefin Tuna in depths of up to 500 feet, the Shimano Butterfly Jigging System has been prove to out fish bait in many instances when the fish are finicky and won't bite. 

The system is based on four components, a new lure called the Shimano Butterfly Jig which has a very unique action both on the fall and retrieve, a new sensitive, lightweight, very durable rod series named the Trevala, the new generation of super lines, and our high speed, high power reels like Torsa, Trinidad and Stella. 

The combination of these products makes catching fish easier, more productive, and flat out fun!

To learn more about this new fish catching phenomenon download the Butterfly Jigging Catalog to see how you can catch more fish when the fishing is tough.

Shimano Butterfly Jigs

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The stinger hooks are used to get the hooks near the top of the lure because fish generally grab the lure near the top. With the hooks at the bottom, the angler has to pull hard and fast when bit to get the lure to slide through the fish's jaws down to the hooks before the fish lets go. 
Treble hooks at the bottom are usually not a good idea with this technique for other reasons: they snag the bottom, they are thrown more readily, and in the case of the Butterfly Jigs, they can inhibit the action of the jig. 
The standard symmetrical jigs have shorter swimming action and are used to fish all depths. They work best when fished straight up and down and they are especially good when used near the bottom. The longer thinner jigs cut through the water better and are used for deep mid-water fishing for pelagic species like Tuna and Wahoo. The newer flat-sided jigs are used when fishing at an angle is necessary. This condition might be a fast drift, a strong current, or simply casting away from the boat to reach another section of the reef. 
The rods with more backbone are used for the heavier jigs or for the longer, narrower jigs. The more parabolic rods are better suited to working the action into the shorter broader jigs.
The rod butt is usually held under the rod arm when using conventional reels. This gives the angler a lot of maneuvering ability and it is easy to fish all day without fatigue.
Also note your line angle. Straight up and down is best for the standard symmetrical Butterfly Jigs. If the line has swung out at a significant angle from the rod tip, as it may when drifting or fishing in current, the technique doesn't seem to work as well. Reel in and get the jig back under the rod tip or switch to the flat sided Butterfly Jigs which are made to fish at an angle.


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