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Manufacturer MC Swimbaits

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MC Swimbaits are the newest entries in the California inshore scene. These baits have a translucent look in most of the patterns and an overall glisten that gives them a quality look with what has proven to be fish-catching appeal. Some of the patterns have colors that are mostly visible as you look through or into the baits, so the camera does not do the pictures justice.
Corey Sanden, the owner of MC Swimbaits, spends every spare minute fishing for Calico Bass and as a result has kept up with the latest techniques. His Slugs can be fished in places, especially thick kelp, where other baits only hang-up. The 9" slugs need very little or no weight and the bass don't just bite these, they explode on them.
His latest editions are the curly-tailed bandits. The 5.5" is made with a wide, soft tail that really pulsates, which definitely rings the dinner bell.

MC Swimbait Bandits

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Rigging Tip
After continuous use swimbaits begin to slip off the shank of the jig head. Once they start doing this they soon become unusable. To prevent this, glue the plastic to the jig head shank with ZAP-A-GAP when you first rig up. The swimbait will stay glued to the head permanently until you decide to separate the two.

Length: 5.5"
Quantity: 5 per Pack
Price: $5.99

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