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Upon arriving at your hotel, we suggest you ask the front desk clerk to give you a wake-up call for your early morning fish activity. Organizing your fishing gear is a good idea, since you will find out if you left something behind.

In the morning, depending on what hotel you are staying at or where we have agreed to meet, we'll come to pick you up either by boat or car. Fishing departure is at 6:00 AM.

We usually use the following fishing equipment:
  • 6/0 & 7/0 size fishing hooks
  • 80-pound leader
  • swivels
  • medium-size feathers
  • Double-hook with 100 to 150-pound line

You have the choice to catch your own mackerel, or buy it ($20.00 per 15 pieces, $25.00 per 20 pieces, and $30.00 per 25 pieces). We recommend buying it, since this will save you time; the average amount for two people is between 15 and 20 pieces.

Dorado will be found close to seaweed and currents; weight average is between 15 and 45 pounds. We suggest practicing catch and release if you find a Dorado school, as this will give you the choice of keeping the biggest ones.
Marlin and sailfish are usually found at the Dorado fishing grounds as well; watch the dorsal fins sticking out on the surface. One per boat is the limit.

It is necessary to have a fishing license. If you don't have one, you'll need to buy one. You can request them at the main office or at the beach with the person who gives you the fishing service. The cost for one day is $14.00. The cost for a week is $26.00.

To keep track of your fish, we require your hotel's name and your room number; this information will be marked on each one of your fish bags. At the end of our working shift, we'll take your fish over to our freezers. It is very important that you let us have your ice chests on your last fishing day, so we can deliver your fish more efficiently.

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